Natural Wood - Recipe Board (large recipes)

Natural Wood - Recipe Board (large recipes)

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Preserve your families best memories.  Grandma's cookies, mom's gravy, Dad's best many possibilities.  

**** This is for a larger recipe.  Please note the size of the board. (Full loose-leaf sheet size)  

Wood board 18x8 , 3/4 inch thick board. 

*we do NOT recommend cutting on recipe side

Oiled with Butcher block oil before delivery. 

BOW not included  

***  Please note recipe boards/signs can take 2 weeks to process, depending on design time.  It will be 2 weeks before shipping is complete.  We take extra special care to ensure that your recipe is an exact match. ****


To send recipe:

 Take a picture of the recipe making sure there are no shadows and plenty of light.  Please make sure to  take the picture straight down ensuring that the photo is level. Do NOT mail us original recipes. Email photo to and put your order number and the word "recipe" in the subject line. Though it is rare,  If we are unable to convert your photo we will refund your order. Please leave your telephone number at checkout so that if we have any questions or need new pictures we are able to contact you.